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Problem with WorldLock



I have a 360 movie I've taken few days ago and been playing around with GoPro Player.

I have noticed that World Lock will lock the world to the camera position that was in beginning of recording.

I can manually move around and fix, but when I trim and export, the position I have set manually are getting ignored.

Is this a bug or is this how worldlock works?


Without Worllock




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Re: Problem with WorldLock

There is no adjustment in 360 to starting position.


That was only in Gopro Fusion Studio.


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Re: Problem with WorldLock

Why does the heading degree change when turning on the world lock?

As there is no InitalHeadingViewDegree is set in the XPM, Player does re-render the video rotated.


You can see this difference in this picture

Without World Lock



With WorldLock




You can see that the picture has shifted to right (and right part has moved to left)


This is a way to change the initial heading position in VR files. Player DOES change the starting position using the above shifting method, but it's maybe not adjustable as you say and is fixed to the starting position.


World Lock is unusable for me in that case.