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Potential Fix for Quik crash (no error message) on Windows 10

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I had this problem for days, along with sporadic issue of infinite hang on the login screen. Uninstall/reinstall didn't help. Customer service didn't help (and insisted on walking me through a ridiculous checklist of items we'd already discussed for 15 minutes). Rolling back to a pre-quick restore point didn't help either.


I finally noticed that after uninstalling yet another non-working install of Quik that GoPro's uninstall leaves a pile of information behind in the appdata folder of the user profile. I deleted all this, restarted, rinstalled Quik, and the app launches and seems to work now  (aside from not being able to handle HEVC files from GoPro's own cameras, of course). 


Maybe this will help others.

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Re: Potential Fix for Quik crash (no error message) on Windows 10

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Funny, this is the same solution we used to use for fixing GoPro Studio (I even had a shortcut on my desktop so I could easily delete it). It must be an open source code that was used for both.

Thanks for the update!