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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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Re: Poor bitrate !!

Another one ... 


I dont want increase bitrate - i just want oryginal bitrate.

Im complaining only on output bitrate from Quik. 

I sad i like this software its realy quick, but results are very bad.

Just one simple option for bitarate.


You dont know what kind of operator i am, so dont be personal.

We are talking about software.


Many users complains for low bitrate.

Why gopro cant update their software?





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Re: Poor bitrate !!

Rendering at original bitrate would not be a good idea. Rendering video is one of the most intensive processes for a computer. Those that have decent video editing computer specs generally don't use Quik for desktop, but rather a proper non-linear editor. For those that don't have a powerful computer, which makes up the majority of GoPro owners, a simplified low bit rate render is best and will work, while a high bitrate might not.

There is also the issue of file size and also intended purpose for the video. The vast majority of GoPro users create Quik videos for sharing. Large fine sizes are not ideal for this and neither is high bitrate. Uploading at a higher bitrate than the hosting site's preferred level often results in the video getting re-rendered by the host, making the video worse. Interestingly, can you guess what bitrate YouTube wants HDR 1080p/60fps videos to be at? If you guessed 15Mbps (hmmm, same as Quik Desktop), then you are correct!

To be clear, the editing video portion of Quik is an add-on to the original desktop software (formally called Capture). The apps main purpose is not editing videos.

Now, with all of that being said, is Quik desktop app a great video editor? No, not by a long shot. Is it good? Well, this depends. If you just want an easy to create short montage video synced to music to share with friends and family (the intended purpose), then yeah, it's fine and performs this task pretty good. Anything else however, really requires the mobile Quik app, or a proper non-linear editor.

As far as to why GoPro hasn't improved the Quik desktop app. Well, we can't say for sure since we are just members of the forum and not GoPro employees with insider knowledge. However, pretty sure it has to do with two main factors.

#1 GoPro has been losing money for several years and has had to make severe staff cuts to stay afloat. They went from a staff of 1,552 employees in 2016 to less than 900 employees world wide. GoPro is a major CAMERA brand, but they've never been a very large company. So, of the 600+ employees that needed to be let go, who do you think it was, camera engineers or software engineers? If you guessed software engineers (and Karma), then you were correct! Kinda makes sense, considering they are a camera company and not a software company.

#2 GOPRO IS A CAMERA COMPANY AND NOT A SOFTWARE COMPANY (See above). While they do try very hard to produce innovative ways for their camera users to create and share videos, they are still primarily a camera company. Unlike almost ALL other camera companies, GoPro at least gives an option for those unable, or unwilling, to get/use a proper video editor created by an actual SOFTWARE company.

Does this mean GoPro has abandoned desktop software and won't be providing improvement? No, not by a long shot. In fact, GoPro is frequently posting job listings for desktop software engineers to help create and develop computer editing solutions for their customers. Who knows, we may even be seeing a brand new desktop app this year.
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Re: Poor bitrate !!

Here its another example

I just recorded timewarp and added gauges (ofcourse recorded in 1080p because Quik cant add gauges on 4K videos) end uploaded my movie on YT. Look at his great movie!

If enyone seens this movie they wont buy GoPro camera. Quality is terrible! I only added gauges.

Please GoPro - do something!


Watch this (sory for your bleeding eyes)

Recorded in 1080p - gauges added in Quik for Desktop.
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Re: Poor bitrate !!

Uselesss app.
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Re: Poor bitrate !!


Hello Everyone!


We have recently released an update for the GoPro app both on Android and iOS.

Please make sure to restart your phone before pairing it with the camera again.

Let us know how it goes.