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My Hero7 is stuck "saving" it won't turn off or on.

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It wont turn on or off but has been "saving" with the rotaing circles for an hour now. I have taken the SD card out but makes no difference.

I tried pluging into a laptop, Nothing ??

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Re: My Hero7 is stuck "saving" it won't turn off or on.

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Hi @spryapex632,


Try to remove the battery and make sure that you're using a recommended SD card. 
Here's the list of recommended SD card: Click Here

After that, update your camera manually.
But before updating it make sure to reformat your SD card and follow the steps for manual update. 

Here's how: 

  1. Go to the Update page and choose your HERO7 camera.
  2. Under "Other ways to update" at the base of the page, click "Update your camera manually."
  3. Enter your Serial Number and other requested information, click Next Step.
  4. Click "Download Update."
  5. Click "Click here to download firmware."
  6. Follow the steps on the screen for detailed instructions for your operating system

You camera will turn on and off several times.

After that you should be able to use it. 


If issue persist please contact GoPro Customer Support via Phone or Chat.




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Re: My Hero7 is stuck "saving" it won't turn off or on.

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The GoPro hero 7 silver doesn't have a removable battery. 
I just let it go flat then charged it and it worked. 

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Re: My Hero7 is stuck "saving" it won't turn off or on.

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Thank you for the update, @spryapex632. Good to know that the camera is working again. Which SD card are you using by the way? It is always best to use one of the recommended SD cards here to keep the camera running smoothly.