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Mac-GPS gauges

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So I understand there has been some struggle to get gps to work on the Gopro Quik mac app. The solution was to use the mobile app or third party software.


However, this issue was already one when I bought it back in october 2019, and I'm getting unpatient of not being able to use a marketed feature of a 450 dollars camera because of an issue that seems to lack behind since 10 months already. Thus my questions:

  • Has this feature been solved and have I missed it ?
  • Is the support team honestly working on a fix or has it been completely abandoned ?
  • When can I expect to get a patch on the app ?
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Re: Mac-GPS gauges

Apologies for the inconvenience, @foggyflare5813. Quik for desktop is no longer in development. Our team is working on a solution but we do not have eta at this time. GPS display is supported in the GoPro App. You may consider using it at this time. We will definitely post about it once we have new information. Thanks!

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Re: Mac-GPS gauges

GoPro trademarked a new software called Mural, but nobody knows when to expect it or whether it sovles this issue. You can find third party software options that deal with gauges here: