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MAX import on Mac

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How are people getting their .360 files onto their Mac's?


Historically with my Hero7 I've used Quik via USB to grab the originals. With the Max, Quik recognises the Max but only allows to download non 360 files. As such I'm using the mac capture app to grab these.


Seems a bit of a faff and it would be great to either get Quik "see" 360 files and download them, or get Player updated to allow import.


Perhaps my workflow is crap! so I'm open to suggestions!



Download original files to Mac via USB and Quik -> Import (copy) into FCPX project (hence FCPX contains a copy of files and is "self contained") -> original files copied to NAS -> FCPX library (new lib+event+project) for each "shoot" copied to NAS once finished and output. Keeps my Mac HDD as purely a "working space".



As above, but import via capture -> Player conversion to equirectangular -> Import into FCPX. Archive .360 files to NAS but not converted ones.


So 2x big killer items for me is direct import and batch render in Player. 


Loving the Max so far though, awesome flexibility to choose your angles and FOV in post





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Re: MAX import on Mac

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Same as you....

SD card to slot,....because Quik does not see the new files....

copy .360 to folder

Open with VR player

Export to equirectangular ProRes .mp4

Import tto Premier Pro....

Either reform with new GoPro FX Reframe plugin and render

Or keep as VR file and render as VR video's 2019....