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Loss of quality after conversion

Hi guys,

Over the last year I have been struggling with finding a way to deal with GoPro footage in Magix (Sony) Vegas. Using the original camera mp4 files has proven not to work efficiently, with low framerate playbacks in the preview etc. So I decided to go back to converting the original camera files before using them anywhere else. As GoPros come with the GoPro Studio package I decided to give that one another try.

However, the converted videos are of worse quality than the original files. I mean, the files are not terrible, but the quality (colours and sharpness) is reduced. Please take a look at the two pictures.  Is there anyone who could help me out? I'd just like to be able to convert the GoPro footage into a format that is workable in Vegas Pro 14, without any (or at least minimum) loss of quality. I have tried the original mp4 files in Vegas and their quality is okay, it is just that the preview is not as smooth as one would like.



Original GoPro MP4 file, which is just not really workable in Vegas Pro 14



Converted AVI file

Do you see the difference in sharpness and colour? Especially around the slide exit, water, trees etc.

Thanks in advance.