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Long interview - length of frames - white balance

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I have been filming a long interview under same light conditions with both the Hero 3 Black and the Hero 4 Black. It strikes me that the entire 'take' was split up in frames of exactly 17 min 40 seconds. I was wondering whether this is a standard setting and/or whether this can be changed. Fortunately when mounting these frames in GoPro Studio it shows as if this was recorded in one take, with just a minor click in the audio.

When I want to adjust the white balance I can change that in one frame, but I do not find how to synchronise the other frames with same details. At first I thought to note the values for Temp, Tint, Red, Green and Blue and copy those values in the next frame. But I note that changing the Temperature, effects the TINT and the Red and the Green at the same time and vice versa, which gives me a different colour in the various frames.

How do I synchronise the frames, so that they all  have the same temperature, considering that the light conditions did not change during the interview.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Roland Wantens

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Re: Long interview - length of frames - white balance

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Hi @hardysurf506,


May I know what software are you using? 


If you're referring to GoPro Studio you can try this: