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Is there anyway to import formats other than gopro formats on PC?

 I really love to use Quik when I need  to make an edit quickly .  It’s also extremely easy to use and I love it’s drag and drop feature. I just recently got back from a cruise and wanted to use Quik to edit my video. I tried to download Quik on my PC. When I opened it, it said that I had to import only gopro files. I don’t have a go pro. But I use quik on my iPad and it seems to work great with iPad formats. But this time I needed to work with MTS files and with MP4 files on my pc. Since the computer was not letting me import files other than gopro files, I transferred all my files to my iPad and decided to work on there. But MTS files are not supported on iPad. So on my computer, I converted all my MTS files to MP4 files. After I transferred my MTS converted MP4 files, I realized that they were having these pink and gray glitches in the converted files. So my quik video just looks like a disaster.  So it was getting really aggravating.  Please I’m begging you guys, is there anyway for me to import formats other than GoPro formats on my PC please I’d love your help thank you so much.  By the way I have a  Canon rebel T7I which records mp4.


thank you so much!


-Zane Burko

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Re: Is there anyway to import formats other than gopro formats on PC?


Hi @zaneb42


GoPro Quik no longer support other format. 

You can try similar app though. 




Quik for Mobile - (Optional)

Adobe Premiere 

Final Cut Pro X