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Is GoPro using my video & Audio content?

 Hello. First, THANK YOU! for creating and selling your technology in the USA. I am the Senior [65+] American female [that] performs Yoga poses - stretches - AND (also) sort-of "sings". I am retired. My husband ( Hans ) got me a GoPro Hero7 white - because - he considers me a woman of "action". GoDaddy has helped me to create my personal web site - [where] I do plan to post my videos - eventually. Prior to my stroke event (2012), I was hired by companies - all over the USA - to create End User Manuals - for new software products. I am (mostly) physically rehabilitated - from the medical event. So, because I had prior experience - with software, HTML, etc. - my USA Medical Doctor literally prescribed [that] my husband consider getting me a web site URL - from GoDaddy - and, let me try to code the site - in HTML. I use cPanel. The previous post referred to "music copyrights". I am not an attorney - but, my daughter is the Deputy Chief of Staff - for the USA-fbi. She is an attorney. When I mentioned the GoPro License - that I must abide by - to utilize Quik - the subject of "rights" immediately followed. I am willing to use Quik - to prepare my GoPro Hero7 white "captures" - for my personal web site; however, I am [still] an Obama girl. The ONLY humans [that] I want to earn a dime off of my Yoga pose AND stretching abilities - is President and Mrs. Michelle Obama - and, the things [that] they care about. For example, IF (former) USA President Obama wants my GoPro Videos - to somehow support Ms. kamala Harris's run for the USA Presidency "2020" [then] this is OK. However, GoPro - or its subsidiaries is NOT authorized - to make a dime from my Videos - or, my attempts to sing the USA National Anthem.  THANK YOU! PLEASE RESPOND WITH GOPRO'S LEGAL POSITION - ON UTILIZING MY PERSONAL VIDEOS - WHICH gOpRO HAS ACCESS TO - VIA THE QUIK Windows Desktop software, USB camera cable AND END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. Thank you.

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Re: Is GoPro using my video & Audio content?

Have you read the end user agreement? It's pretty clear.

You can also read the privacy statement:

And the Terms of Use:

You are posting in a community support site. We are users of GoPro products and not representatives of GoPro.

Best of luck with your yoga and rehabilitation. You must have incredible spirit and will power 😁