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Is GoPro Quik ever going to work with GoPro HEVC clips?

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GoPro's help and its warning message in Quik say that if you get an HEVC not compatible warning, it's because your computer can't handle it. They claim HEVC isn't supported on processors earlier than Kaby Lake, but Intel (and many other tech sites) clearly talk about native HEVC on skylake processors (like mine).


I paid my $1 for my Windows 10 HEVC extensions, and everything is just peachy with most players. H.265 plays better than h.264 on this machine. Here is a list of video players on my windows 10 skylake machine that can play and/or work with my HEVC gopro clips:

  • Windows system video player (used by Photos, movies and TV apps).
  • VLC
  • Garmin Virb editor (!)
  • Powerdirector 14
  • Media Player Classic

Here is a list of software that cannot play the HEVC files from my Hero 7 Black:

  • GoPro Quik

That is a really bad user experience.


To put it in GoProSpeak. "Gnarly." Clearly, there is no problem with the system if all these programs can handle the HEVC files just fine. The problem is Quik. The software just hangs and has to be force quit if I dare try to play an HEVC.


I would love to be able to continue recording in HEVC to save the space, but also to be able to quickly edit these clips and use the GPS overlays that were part of the reason I bought the Hero 7 black. Unless I'm missing something here, that's not possible using GoPro software with GoPro clips. (I can get some GPS overlays on my HEVCs by stripping the GPS data out with 3rd party software and importing that, along with the clip, into Garmin's software. It's limited, and clutzy, but at least it's possible.)


The GoPro Hero7 black has the VIRB beat on features and price, but it's years behind on the software. Do we know if GoPro is even trying to do better with this? 

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Re: Is GoPro Quik ever going to work with GoPro HEVC clips?

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my PC also got that problem.

i7 7700, 32GB RAM, Rx480, Z270X-UD5, Windows 10

I can play the video(H.246+HEVC & HEVC) smoothly with MPC-BE+LAV filter+MadVR


When i using Quik and to try edit video, it say my PC not support HEVC. After i search in suppory hub, i installed "HEVC Video extensions from the Device Manufaturer", the Quik error message gone and my video show back in Quik media tag but Quik still cannot play and edit, Only got frezzed with "Not Respoding" at the title.


Is Quik are not support standalone display card? Any others software(i got Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 but seem not supported) that can simply join the splitted video due to Fat32 limitation?