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Importing media from cloud to desktop

So I record videos on my gopro hero7. Post to cloud from phone app,

Then when I am home I log on toe gopro quick on my mac to download them to my mac so I can edit etc.


I see the files in MEDIA. I select to download to external drive. I can see a date is created in the folder on the hard drive but there is no contents! 

Back in media on the app I cannot re-download the files ?


any ideas? 

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Re: Importing media from cloud to desktop

Hi @kydhol,

Thanks for reaching out. If the files aren't showing up in the hard drive, by any chance, after downloading the media contents from Quik for Desktop to your hard drive, did you took them out of the GoPro folder (import location)? Or edited the original files?

When files are downloaded from your Plus storage onto Quik for Desktop, they will be saved to the local (default) GoPro folder in your computer.



And the thumbnail should no longer have the cloud icon, but will show a video camera icon instead.



If you're still seeing the files in Quik for Desktop, right click on a file and select "Show in Explorer." Doing so will take you to the folder location of the file.

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