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Import Failure

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I've had an issue using the Quik desktop application to import my videos. I'd greatly appreciate any help that could be offered. Some background information, as follows..


  • I have an Apple MacBook Air 2017 running macOS High Sierra v10.13.6.
  • The SD card I use in all my GoPros is SanDisk Extreme 64GB cards.
  • Finally, the GoPros I use is the Hero 5, Hero+ and Session 4.


The issue I have is when connecting the GoPros or inserting the SD card into my computer and selecting import files on the Quik app I get the following error message. 


Screenshot at Oct 26 17-12-37.png

The file I save GoPro files to is users/tomblindell/documents/gopro. The Macintosh HD drive in my computer has used 54.08 of the 121.12 available GB. As 64 goes into the remaining storage on my drive I can not understand why I receive this message, to try and fix this my documents folder uploads to iCloud which I pay for several hundred GB's of storage, the same error message still occurs. 


It also seems I can not drag and drop the files as they need converting (I assume the files compress to take up less space?) and similarly I am not permitted to delete them from the SD.


I would appreciate if somebody could advise me on this issue as I have almost now filled 3 of these 64GB drives and have nowhere to import, convert, save and view these files. 


Many thanks!


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Re: Import Failure

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Hi @tomb57378


Thank you for sharing the information. And sorry for any troubles caused.


We'd like to check on this further, please reach out to our Support Team so we can gather additional information.

You may contact them via phone or chat.