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I can't get my longer videos to actually upload

I have quite a few videos from a trip we took last year.  They are stored on my MacBook Air and I wanted to give the others in our group access.  I got the GoPro Plus, but I can't get anything over 4 minutes to actually upload.  I've tried just uploading straight from my computer and tried putting some of the videos on an external drive and uploading from another computer.  I still can't get them to load.  What am I doing wrong???





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Re: I can't get my longer videos to actually upload

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @kimw141. Are you getting any error message? Would you know if the files that you are trying to upload are chaptered files? There is currently an issue with uploading multi-chaptered files to GoPro Plus but our team is aware and is working on it. 


See if you can upload those files through Quik for Desktop. There are steps here to guide you. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!