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I AM FED UP!!!!! Premier and AE plugin install.

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So I have had the Fusion for just shy of a year now. I purchased it specifically because I wanted the ability to keyframe in Premier and After Effects. However to this date I cannot install the effing plugin! I download thew VR Studio per this link: that states "There are three plugins available when you download the GoPro Fusion Studio App" Ok great, so I download this and I get the studio but see nothing about plugins and nothing showing up in Premier in my effects. 


OK - so I search the forms.Apparently everyone is having this problem. A couple things to try I found:


I download "" and when I try to install Premier is grayed out and I have no option to slect it. WTF. 


I tried it from Kolor - same thing. 


I opened multiple tickets in the past, have tried it with three different Macs, tried reverting to Premier 2018, talking to support people (who  were totally not helpfull), etc. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???? 


I have spent thousands of dollars with GoPro but this really is unsat in my opinion. You have a very expensive camera that touts as the best around, and claims to work with adobe Premier yet it doesn't work! Why is this so hard to figure out GoPro???? Why is it so difficult to find a solution? 


Please help! 


Thank you


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Re: I AM FED UP!!!!! Premier and AE plugin install.

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I see you have Premier Pro 2020...the new FX plugin for Adobe does not work in 2020, only in 2019. The older VR plugin that comes with Fusion Studio does work in both 2019 as well as 2020 but don't have the same funtionality of the newer plugin.

I suggest you use PP 2019 until they have updated the newer FX plugins...also recommend to re-install Fusion so you get both sets of plugins in PP 2019.


Here's a guide to the older VR version:

Here's one for the newer FX version:


Good luck!

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Re: I AM FED UP!!!!! Premier and AE plugin install.

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So well, as we all know that adobe became as well a really profitdriven annoying company that brutally forces us under every circumstance to update always to the newest version.


If you, gopro, selling us a camera , that has the option for editing professionally 360 material only with a plugin within adobe premierepro, than it is your responsibility to provide an appropriate update in time.


If you claim adobe responsible for changes , and the impossibility to do so, then we all would be more then happy if you provide us a similar working plugin for davinciResolve 16 .

Resolve supports the *OFX interface everyone can work with.


If you are overextended by the adobe difficulties, then drop the adobe-support and immediately develop a proper resolve-plugin as soon as possible.

We would be very thankfull customers.


At this very moment , we have spent many bucks in multiple of your products and cannot get use of it as announced.

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Re: I AM FED UP!!!!! Premier and AE plugin install.

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Same Problem here. Any help GOPRO 


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Re: I AM FED UP!!!!! Premier and AE plugin install.

[ New ] least this problem seems to be solved. I got the plugin to work yesterday.

In my case, I'm running OSX 10.14.6 (Mojave)

PremierePro CC20 - V14.0

AfterEffects CC20 (same bundle)



this is the first time i got it to work , can start it , and see that it works with material from the MAX .