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How do I use my existing GoPro videos In Quick?

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I have a bunch of MP4 videos made with my Hero 3+. I'm trying to use these videos in the current version of Quick. I installed Quick, went to Settings and specified `E:\Users\<My User Name>\Videos\GoPro` folder as my default media location. I presumed that if I place the videos I want to work with in this folder, Quick will be able to see them. So, I copied a buch of older GoPro videos to that location.


However, Quick doesn't see then. Regardless of what I do, Quick insists that I have to "Add Media" first. It asks me to specify a folder, showing me the name of my already specified location and just does nothing. 


What's going on here?


Just for the sake of experiment, when Quick asked me to specify a folder, I added another folder to the list - my "storage" folder that contains about 25 of previously taken GoPro videos. This time Quick picked up a bunch of them (about 8), but that was it. 


What is going on in this case? Why does it recognize some videos but ignores the others?

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Re: How do I use my existing GoPro videos In Quick?

@andreyt2627 - Don't know if you've tried this already or not, but when you go into Quik, click on the gear icon at the top right. From there, confirm that the folder with your content is in the Media Folders section. If it is, click the Scan link.


Please let us know if that works or not.