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How do I transfer vids from Capture (android) to my MacBook Pro?

Wondering if anyone can help me. I want to sell my Sony tablet as I don't use it much now since I purchased a Macbook Pro and I'm wondering what's the best way to transfer my Capture videos from my tablet to my Macbook Pro? Can anyone help? Would I be quicker trying to transfer the vids back to my GoPro Hero4 using the memory card?


Also I might be acrting stupid but can you create funky videos using Capture like you can on android but using desktop? As in uaing text and effects etc? Or is that not possible?




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Re: How do I transfer vids from Capture (android) to my MacBook Pro?

Hey Stephen,




You may be able to transfer those files back via a SD Card depending on how mush media you have. If possible I would backup the data on your tablet using an external hard drive.


Once backed up you can import that media with the External Hard drive and use method #2 to transfer the media to your Quik for Desktop app where you can edit!