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How do I import old gopro footage?

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So I haven't edited any footage in a while and so I had to download Quik to replace Gopro studio. So now when I go to finish/ start new projects, I can't access the files even though I know that they are there, but footage straight from the sd card works. How do I access my old footage and import it to make it into a cool video?! I have a feeling it might be the type of file the old footage is but I'm not sure.. Am I able to change it so it is readable so I can import it? Please help.

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Re: How do I import old gopro footage?

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Hi @royalhero27227


Normally that should work if it's straight out of the camera because the file that is being supported by the software is only straight out of the camera file.


If that won't work please try to consult GoPro Customer Support if they have an idea.