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Re: How can I change render types for Fusion videos?

I get no pop-up box with an option to "re-load last session."  I've never gotten that.


>>>>>The easiest way to adjust your render settings is to edit the clips the way you want them and add them to the render queue.  Before you click on "render", click on the actual file in the render queue.  When you do this GoPro Fusion Studio will display what codec is being used, what sound is being used (stereo or 360 surround) and what resolution is being used.  This is all displayed as check boxes and you can select and change your options.<<<<<


As I mentioned in my earlier post, when I do that it tells me what the render type (edit, YouTube, Vimeo, etc) is at the top of the box, but there is no way to change that or effect it in any way.  I do have the other options below that.


>>>>>It's possible that if you are changing your videos to overcapture export, then you are not being asked for an output option as there is a predetermined setting for overcapture output.  If you render your video's as 360 degree spherical video, you may get your options for Facebook/Youtube back before you select rendering.<<<<<


I know the difference between overcapture and 360.  The 360 option works fine when I open the files with the GoPro VR Player app, but I can't change the type.