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Hero7 Black is converting videos to .mov with a different color than .mp4 footage

I recently got the hero 7 black and shot some footage. When i went to go edit in GoPro Studio and converted the file from .mp4 to .mov it converted all of my footage with a very vibrant/orange tint (the footage looked fine in the .mp4 files and on the camera playback). The project I am working on had footage from my hero 4 silver as well and only the hero 7 black footage was converted to .mov with the tint. I shot with protune on and GoPro color on.


In step 2 if you select "none" on the presets, the tint goes away but I want to figure out how to get the .mov file without the tint since I can't select "none" in presets and add "protune" at the same time (protune gets applied to original tinted clip).


I checked other threads and it seems people are talking about "advanced clip settings" in Step 1 of GoPro studio but I don't see that option on my macbook.


Hoping someone can help - the footage looks awful :(