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Re: Hero6 Black fails on DashWare: "data extraction/merge failed."

Hello @nicepeak54418


Have you tried manually updating your HERO6 Black camera? Have you been able to check gauges display with the latest version of Quik for desktop? Version 2.7 was released last Friday. If you have and the issue is still the same, our Support team here might be able to help. You can call or initiate a chat with one of the team members. 


Best regards, 

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Re: Hero6 Black fails on DashWare: "data extraction/merge failed."

I am assuming the OP has updated their firmware - in my case (when I originally responded to the OP), I had the latest version of everything.  Its still full of bugs and the telemetry is corrupted most of the time.  See attached (from RaceRender) showing a working telemetry file and a corrupted telemetry file. 


GP can release as many versions of the desktop software as they like - its not going to fix the issue.  Fix the root cause not the symptom.


As for the suggestion to initiate contact with GP Support ... you can only do that after paying more money... so, after spending $600 on a camera that has buggy and unstable firmware, I now have to pay more money to tell the company about the problems .... yeah, right on.


Stay stoked ... (and hand over more money whilst you are...)

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Re: Hero6 Black fails on DashWare: "data extraction/merge failed."



I own a Hero6 and meet the same problem on DashWare :


When I try to merge videos, the data merging always fails, so I can't get good telemetry datas on my videos (motor bike races laps).




I am also meeting a second problem. One of my videos was recorded reversed. I use the button "rotate Video 180 degres", the video rotates well, but when I create the video, it is reversed (but the gauges are at the right place on the screen, but image upside down !)


Dash 2.gif


Dash 3.gif



Any update or bug fixing schedulled ?





Dash 2.gif
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Re: Hero6 Black fails on DashWare: "data extraction/merge failed."

Hi légio57,

i already gave up, we are lost in the limbo.


i'm looking to buy the Hero 7 Black and pray that it's fixed.


what i'm doing now is rendering each video without merging, which is very bad because i lost laptime stats (best Lap time, best lap #, current lap #) and i'm only using the mini-map, speed and G-force.


about your issue with the 180º degree vídeo, i don't know what to do, but if you has some skills in Sony Vegas you can export the telemetry layer in png files and import into one layer in Sony Vegas, then you can rotate your video and get it ritght. i did it sometimes because i have multiple cameras and i didn't want to render telemetry on each vídeo in dashware.

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Re: Hero6 Black fails on DashWare: "data extraction/merge failed."

You aren't "lost in the limbo"; GP just dont care about their customers, particularly those that report their buggy software.


Look at the history of software updates ... new camera hardware gets released, one fix to the firmware sometime after that and repeat the cycle.... as far as I can determine they dont even provide a list of the specific bugs they have fixed so you have no way of knowing whether the next model of camera fixes your issue(s).


Go look at Garmin by comparison.  There is a reason why their share price keeps increasing .... good product and happy customers.

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Re: Hero6 Black fails on DashWare: "data extraction/merge failed."

I posted a solution to the same problem in this thread that might help you. It's not brilliant, but it's what I had to do to get it to work.