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Hero 6 no GPS data on Quik

It works on my phone, but not work on my mac.


So, I am sure it has the GPS data on my video but only can't find it on my desktop Quik.


Anyone have any idea?

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Re: Hero 6 no GPS data on Quik

I have the same problem. I guess it's the Quik for Desktop app that hasn't been updated to support GPS reading from HEVC data, while the Quik Mobile app seems to read it without any problems.

Please GoPro provide an update to the Quik for Desktop app.

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Re: Hero 6 no GPS data on Quik

Hey guys,


Definitely sorry to hear you're having this problem. There's an update to Quik for desktop that was just recently put out last week. Other users with similar issues have reported that this update fixed the issue for them, especially with their most recent videos. Can you give that a shot when possible and see if that did the trick for you too?


Here's the link -


~ Mowens

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Re: Hero 6 no GPS data on Quik

This solved my problem, many thanks!