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Handbrake doesnt copy file details?

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First off I think it is crap that I cannot edit HEVC files on my more than capable computer. Chat support pointed me to handbrake which I have used but still the videos will not import into Quik. Can anyone recommend the best settings/preset to use in Handbrake?


Also, the videos that have converted all have a 'created date' of 09/09 - all those videos from months of filming would import into quick and not have the correct date....why didnt it copy that info over? 


Also, I want to use Quik because of the GPS data etc that is contained, I am assuming that handbrake will not copy that information over, will it?


Other than Quik, can you get the telemetry data to show on screen using another editor, such as DaVinci or Premier?



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Re: Handbrake doesnt copy file details?

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Some other options you can use are the GoPro Mobile app, Dashware, RaceRender, and Virb edit. To extract GPS data for use in a multitude of programs is this free online tool made by a GoPro member

You can also join this group and they can assist you


Just using the GoPro Mobile app is the easiest solution in most cases.