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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

Hei There.


So my Problem is the same. This thread exists for more than enough and the Gopro Team is still unable to solve their own Problems? I bought my Gopro Hero 7 for fair enough money and you are telling me that i cant edit my footage with your own programm?

MY Problem is noot that i need to choose an other programm to edit it all, im doing that either way. But how the **bleep** am i supposed to use the GPS data??? There is only one option for such and that costs way to much.


Fix your problem and dont try to do "better" cameras when your support for the ones before isnt even working.


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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

Currently QUICK for desktop is no longer supported - so waiting for an update here is pointless at least at the moment!

Especially since in covit19 there is only a reduced staff at GoPro, probably concentrating only on its core business (producing action cams) .... We will be happy if there will be a new firmware update in the foreseeable future ...
HEVC must be installed at least under W10, because MS no longer delivers the codec by default! You can get HEVC from the Windows Store. A suitable video player such as DivX or MPC is recommended to watch HEVC videos. VLC also plays HEVC files. Depending on the video player, the video may more or less jerky (MPC offers the best results).

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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

The moral of the story is never buy gopro ever again, they do not support their software at all and send customers in loops in order to fob them off with bs stories about pc not meeting minimum spec.