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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

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I have a quite similar observation.

Intel Core i7 8700k

nVidia Titan X Pascal

Win 10 x64 latest version and drivers


When playing back H264 GoPro content, GPU video decode utilization is 30-40% and CPU utilization is low. Quick is usable.

When playing back H265 HEVC GoPro content, GPU video decode utilization is 0 and CPU on all 12 threads 100%.

VLC or Windows Video all work great on H265 HEVC Hardware video decode on my system.

Consequently, Quick for Desktop should behave the same way to be useable.


Thanks for your support!



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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

SO the quik desktop app doesnt support HECV H.265 videos still? THey dont import into quik desktop


But they do on my phone? All I have been told and read to get these to work is a kaby lake CPU which I have


this is pretty crap

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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

Hello @drekko


Thank you for reaching out. The mobile app works in a different manner with the desktop that is why compatibility will also differ. It is odd that you are still not able to access your HEVC files on your computer considering that you have a Kaby Lake OS. Even if the computer does not have the supported operating system, the HEVC files should still be copied (or imported). The computer will just not be able to play them. Moreover, having the supported OS still does not guarantee access to play back HEVC files. This could be due to the OS running on an older computer (manufactured 2016 and earlier). 


If this is not the case with your computer, and you are still not able to access HEVC files, it would be best to get in touch with our Support team for further assistance. You can reach them here


Best regards, 

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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

From what I found, the Quick for Desktop (Windows10) does support the import and playback of HEVC files (don't forget to download and install Win10 HEVC driver before and do a refresh of the library after installation), but it lacks Hardware acceleration for those HEVC files when you have a Desktop PC with a dedicated graphics card where you cannot switch between integrated and dedicated graphics as you can on a laptop. (This was often suggested as a solution).
Consequently, I think that in order to get hardware acceleration, an update has to be released.
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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

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Hi @aragon1006,


Is there any progress on that? I have Skylake CPU (i5-4670), but also GeForce 1070 GPU with hardware support for HEVC and I can't load any HEVC files from my GoPro 7 black to Quick software on my Windows 10. I would be glad if you can reply with approximate date when new Quick (with ability to open HEVC files on older CPU and playback/render them using GPU which supports HEVC) will be available.


Thanks in advance!



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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

OK so just my experiences on this:


Extremely disappointing Customer Service over the past couple of weeks. I have been trying to get my new Hero 7 Black working at the high settings (which requires the HEVC codec to be used) with Quik Desktop and had numerous sessions with technical support all trying to say there was something wrong with my computer. Today escalated to a manager (Paolo) who told me in the first 30 seconds that Quik for Desktop does NOT support HEVC videos. Paolo was incredibly rude and dismissive and basically told me:
- Quik for Desktop is free - what do you expect
- Use other video editing software
- If you do use other video editing software you will not get any of the highlight, gauges, GPS data that you recorded with your video
I am very angry about this for the following reasons:
- If it is indeed the case that Quik does not support HEVC why did technical support waste 10 hours of my time testing and blaming my system
- How can GoPro believe it's legitimate to have headline new resolutions and framerate that their only desktop editing software doesn't support
- there is zero warning of this when you buy a GoPro - in fact the page about HEVC gives minimum system requirements rather than saying "don't bother, we don't support it"
- Paolo, the technical support manager, is an incredibly poor representative for your brand - i left that call literally shaking with rage, not because of the outcome, but because of the insanely rude way he dealt with me, called me a liar and kept telling me "this is the way it is, take it or leave it"
GoPro make some nice hardware but their lack of even basic concern about their own ecosystem is why the brand has such a bad name.
Long story short, a previously devoted GoPro supporter is returning his Hero 7 and will be looking for a new action camera alternative.
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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

It's hard to believe I made this post almost a year ago, and there has been no update or fix from GoPro.  Yet they released a new camera.


The Hero 7 is the first GoPro I have NOT bought since the original Hero HD.


I'm done with this company...  By the way, is anyone interested in buying my Karma?  It's time for me to clear out my GoPro inventory...

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Re: HEVC Media does not show up in Quick on new Windows 10 PC

Hi everyone!


We are still waiting for updates regarding HEVC files being handled by Quik for desktop.


Please continue to check our website for updates.