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Re: Gopro Studio update VS Quik

So are there any plans to provide editing software for the GoPro?  If not, this is going to greatly reduce the amount of people that are willing to invest, especially in a $500 action cam.

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Re: Gopro Studio update VS Quik



If you are looking for an editing software you can try iMovie on Mac or VSDC on Windows-





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Re: Gopro Studio update VS Quik

I need some help with highlight tagging in Quik.


I previously used studio to edit sport footage with a LOT of highlights - saves a ton of time scrubbing a game.

I would quickly extract clips in studio using the 'trim' options, and when done with finding clips I would convert them all.


I re-imaged my laptop and now I am lost.

1. I found a version of Studio I could download but the yellow highlight marks are not showing up.

2. So I tried Quik, but if I try to just edit a clip, once I click the icon to edit, I no longer see the highlights.

3. I then tried the 'create' mode but that is just not intuitive for this simple task.



1. Is there an old version of studio I can download that will work with highlights?

2. Is there any other software that works with the highlights?

3. Is there an easy way to do this in Quik I am overlooking?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Gopro Studio update VS Quik

Hello @ecoffey23


We do not have any old version of the GoPro Studio since it has already been retired. See if this will help:

Let us know how it goes. 



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Re: Gopro Studio update VS Quik

This is better but still pretty subpar.


1. Cannot pause the video so difficult to cut the start/stop exactly where you want it.

2. Audio not working which helps me when cutting

3. Video preview is small vs. screen size



Luckily I found an old working version of studio.


Question on Quik, does it use a different file format than Studio when it exports?

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Re: Gopro Studio update VS Quik

Oh and you can only edit 1 clip at a time vs. queueing up a series of edits and then converting them all at once at the end. aka way more efficient.

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Re: Gopro Studio update VS Quik

[ Edited ]

this is complete garbage of a move. i havent used my go pro in a while. went to install studio on my new pc.... come to find they took it down. thank god its still available on other sites.


i was thinking if i should upgrade to a hero6 or not. this made my decision easy. never buying gopro again.

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Re: Gopro Studio update VS Quik

I presume it is because you will shortly be releasing a premium verson of studio?  From a capatlist perspective I can understand this, you have a monopoly on the hardware front (because, by the way, your product is the best), why not extend this success and hardware dominance for additional monetary gain on the software front?  However GoPro Quik is, beyond making stylised videos of your 6 year old's Frozen themed birthday party, perfectly synchronised to the beat of 'let it go', utter crap.  If you are not in the process of making better software then you must make Quik better, it does not fufill the full potential of your action cameras and you will lose customers as only more serious users will look into getting additional software to make and edit truly beautiful videos.  I find this decision baffling.

On a customer service note, why the heck have you not updated the desciption in the software download?  And, why is it so difficult to find the infomration contained in this thread?  This should be a big announcement that is bloody obvious for anyone who owns a GoPro, heck, anyone who is looking to buy one too.  I have wasted 3 hours trying to sort this out and after mein struggle, now feel inclined to let other users know what is going on.  All of this, whilst I should be practising a presentatioon I'm giving in a couple hours (by the way, if it goes badly, I will be blaming you GoPro...). 


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