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Gopro Quik not showing gauges on videos

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ive been using my Hero 7 for a month and when i playback videos the Gps gauges are all accesable,yet when i try using them on Quik on my mac desktop,they show as not available,Ive used `racerender briefly and it shows that the GPS info is recorded so it is there,just wont allow through Quik desktop,Anyone else have same issues

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Re: Gopro Quik not showing gauges on videos

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Hi @hainman,


Have you tried re-importing them?


Or try to uninstall and reinstall the software.





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Re: Gopro Quik not showing gauges on videos

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I am having the same issue.  I know that GPS data is fine because I can view the gauges from my GoPro app on my Android, but the GoPro Quik for desktop indicates that GPS data is unavailable.  


A cursory Google search indicates that GoPro users have been wrestling with this issue for years, yet no reasonable effort to fix this is coming forward.  Not cool at all.


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Re: Gopro Quik not showing gauges on videos

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How are you accessing the video to apply GPS guages? You are done clicking the file and then selecting the GPS dial icon?