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Gopro Player, Usability improvements for 360 editing

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I tested the Gopro Player App on Mac with some MAX .360 files. It looks good, but there is some space left for usability improvements I think! Smiley Happy


1. Please allow it to pan and zoom with the mouse while the video is playing. Now it stops every time I click or pan the frame, which makes editing a lot slower!

2. Please allow it to set keyboard shortcuts, for example setting a keyframe. This should be possible while the video is playing, without interruption.

3. Please give us a chance to change the default transition setting in the app settings. Standard is linear now, but for nearly every case I need Ease-Both (it's pretty annoying to change every transition by hand).


By the way: all of those features work fine with the Rylo Desktop app – just have a look at it, it works pretty smooth there! Smiley Wink