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GoPro or GoPro Studio - Why are they both there?

I am new to GoPro and the editing and I am rather confused. I have a Hero4 Silver and am using a Mac. I should mention I briefly had an older basic GoPro I did not like (no lcd screen, battery issues) so I did not keep. Back then I believe I downloaded GoPro. I did remove all programs from my computer and downloaded GoPro Studio. 


It downloaded both GoPro and GoPro Studio and I am afraid I don't understand why that is, if they need one another and how they interlace. It automatically opens GoPro (not Studio) when I connect my camera and downloads all media there unless I import it to Studio.


I also find the Project confusing. In Studio all the photos bulk together, what if I want them individually and edit individual photos from the video? 


Yes, I've tried to find instructions and videos but one video goes "oh so then I just import the video and suddenly there's a screen and she's selecting clips and I'm wondering how she got there and how she got the clips there.


No, not completely computer illiterate but editing and stuff is just new to me.


Any help would be appreciated. Search function didn't help me with my GoPro v. GoPro Studio issue. And should I even bother or just stick to iMovie?







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Re: GoPro or GoPro Studio - Why are they both there?

Hi @Anonymous, great question. 


It sounds like you originally had GoPro Studio some time ago. We recently came out with GoPro App for Desktop which is a platform where you can import your media to your computer and cut and trim the videos so that you can then import them in to GoPro Studio. 


If you already had GoPro Studio on your computer and then updated the software, it automatically download GoPro App for Desktop to your computer. On a Mac, this is represented by the GoPro icon. So you should have the GoPro icon and the GoPro studio icon on your computer.


If you are trying grab a single photo from a burst sequence or time lapse, try look at the GoPro App for Desktop tutorial video below:


Come back and let us know how it worked out for you.

Welcome to the all new GoPro App for Desktop! The GoPro App makes it easier than ever to offload, edit, and enjoy your GoPro content on your computer. Watch this video to help you get started with the GoPro App for Desktop. Download the GoPro App for Desktop for Mac and PC here: ...
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Re: GoPro or GoPro Studio - Why are they both there?

I am confused as well. Does Quik replace the Desktop Gopro App 1.4 for Mac?


Also, how do I find the latest version of GoPro Studio for Mac? I tried a search, but I was directed to a 'page not found'.

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Re: GoPro or GoPro Studio - Why are they both there?

I'm confused as well.  I've been watching You Tube tutorials and both seem to be good editing programs.  I still don't know the difference though!