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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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GoPro app or Quik for Mac desktop editing

I currently have most of my media on my iphone 10 which has used a lot of space. I have GoPro App and Quik. The GoPro app has generated several small videos, which is fine. However these are of my daughters wedding and I need to construct a much better full length video, possibly taking in photos taken as well on my iphone, so I'm thinking of moving it all over to my MacBook Air (500Gb) and using GoPro Plus for the storage. Therfore...


1. Is it best to use the GoPro App for desktop rather than Quik? I want use decent editing software but not go overboard.

2. if I move my current media from my phones App to the Go Pro plus cloud can I then delete it from the App? Thereby creating space again on my phone?

3. If I have created a Quik story in the mobile Go Pro App, can I then delete the the original media or does it need to retain the media? I realise if you share the video as a complete video that's fine, but I'm talking about going back to the original to maybe make future edits?



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Re: GoPro app or Quik for Mac desktop editing

Hello @activehike652


For the desktop apps. the GoPro app is used to manage your files while Quik is used to make easy one-minute video edits.


Once saved on Plus, the file will remain there. You can delete the uploaded files on your app.

However, if files were uploaded via Quik for desktop, deleting it from Quik for desktop will also delete from Plus.


Deleting the file/ media will also delete it from your edits unless it has been published. You need to keep the files on the app when your are still working on your edits.