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GoPro Webcam isn't a finish product. Don't expect it to work. Get an actual Webcam.

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I have hit my limit on the annoyance of dealing with the GoPro Webcam app on both a mac and windows. I have purchased a Logitech webcam and all of my issues have gone away. No more Camera Connected Error 7. When I join zoom, it works. Look at that! Technology that has been around for over a decade working as expected. Why is it this way?

GoPro is barely in business due to terrible decisions. The quality of their webcam is a sign of that. In 2021, it is one of the most unstable applications from a credible company I have used. This delicate app is so bad, to use it with Zoom, I constantly have to quit zoom which means leave a meeting to get a camera to work. I get connection errors all the time. None of the errors are my fault as a user, just terrible app design. I don't want to blame the developers so I will blamed terrible planning and execution, and internally they can point the finger at who is really to blame for this embarrassment of an app to be an analogy for how terrible this companies decisions have been in general. 

Long story short, to use the web cam, it only works one way and breaks the rest. GoPro probably doesn't have the capital to fix bugs as they are doing everything they can to stay around (please sell to a bigger company). That being said, to use Webcam you have to do the following:


  1. Make sure no apps that use a camera are running before connecting GoPro camera or starting the GoPro Webcam app. Specifically zoom.
  2. Make sure the camera is not connected. Is it always connected like a typical camera? Probably. Yeah GoPro is that oblivious.
  3. First open GoPro Webcam. Having this start with the computer doesn't help. I have both a mac and windows and they are the same. Windows app is so much worse than the mac
  4. Once the GoPro Webcam is open, then plug in the camera. Once plugged in, turn on GoPro. For best results, remove the battery since if that moves it will turn the go pro on and off. So great job putting the charger port inside the batter holder without keeping the battery held in place. Oh my how does this get out the door.
  5. You are almost there! Already late for your meeting? Expected. Go to Amazon Prime and order a Logitech and save yourself the trouble. Worth the $100. Until then, verify you have a successful connection and then it is ready to use!
  6. Note: If zoom was open, or an app needing to use the camera while doing these steps, like OBS, then close and re-open. 
  7. Apologize to everyone for being so late to the meeting because of trying to use the GoPro Webcam instead of a real webcam like Logitech.
  8. I don't work at Logitech. Buy another companies webcam that is well known and a polished finished product.
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Re: GoPro Webcam isn't a finish product. Don't expect it to work. Get an actual Webcam.

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Stumbled upon this review... agree... my experience with GoPro tech support to try to resolve my webcam issues using Hero 9 Black has been frustrating and fruitless.  


My webcam issues relate to lag getting video off of GoPro via USB cable and into Zoom.  Have had at several chats and phone calls... they seem deliberately unwilling to acknowledge what I'm seeing using Webcam app.  I note my experience observing a significant (and jarring) delay between combined audio/ video channels and then loss of synchronization between each (am using a fast hi-spec computer). They say a 1-2 frame delay is normal... BUT this is much more than a 1-2 frame delay.  I finally gave up on trying GoPro as webcam.  


I admit that it could very well be that there is some reasonable explanation for what I am experiencing... and it's possible that a well-trained tech support staff could walk me through.  But it seems like the annual GoPro Support subscription I paid for last year is just a money-maker for them... and they seem to just be stonewalling ("can you just re-install the app?", "send me your system specs" - then no follow-up, etc. ) when you actually call to ask for help.  Have cancelled annual support going forward.


Will do as OP suggests and just by a Logitech webcam.