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Re: GoPro Webcam app not launching windows 10

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I resolved the issue easily but expensively. I went out and bought an iMac. It worked first time and fantastic image quality. GoPro should sort this out for Windows. If they had my wife would still be speaking to me!
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Re: GoPro Webcam app not launching windows 10

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Hey all,


**SOLVED (possibly)**


Through several trial-and-error attempts, I think I have this working pretty consistently now. It seems that, for whatever reason, the GoPro webcam function prefers a certain step-by-step method in order to enter it's "webcam mode". 


I'll try to break it down the way that I go through each time I set this up. Also, be sure you have it connected via usb, specifically a data-capable usb cable, not simply one that can charge it. The one that it comes with should work, I'm using one that's quite a bit longer since I have it set up on a tripod near my desk for now.




  ** I am currently using OBS Studio as the program which utilizes the GoPro as a webcam for livestreaming on Twitch. I have not used this GoPro on any other programs. However, given how finicky this webcam function can be, I'm assuming that the following steps will at least give you somewhere to start as far as how to troubleshoot your own setup. These steps also assume you've already downloaded the windows version of GoPro webcam software (I believe it's still in beta, hence the huge pain in the a**, however it is past beta on Mac, which is why it works right away on apple products).


1)    Start the GoPro "app" and run as administrator. (Go to start menu, search gopro, run as admin, click yes...) Keep in mind, this does absolutely nothing that you'll notice. It's not an app in the sense that another screen will open, all it does is make a little camera looking symbol appear on the bottom right corner of your taskbar (GoPro does not mention this in their webcam advertisements that I'm aware of). You might have to click that little carrot/arrow to pop out the secondary menu. Sometimes it appears right away on the taskbar, but I've noticed that it is usually just in the secondary window.. no idea why it's like that, it just is.


2)    Make sure the GoPro camera is plugged in via usb data cable (I recommend leaving the battery out since it is not needed in order to function, and if the battery is inserted, the GoPro has a tendency to get pretty hot)


3)    Hold the power button on the side of the GoPro until it turns on.. you should see a little usb cable symbol with a lightning bolt on it (at least for the Hero 8, not sure what the 9 looks like) which indicates that it's charging. 


4)    Next, open up whatever streaming or meeting app you need the webcam functionality for, and activate the camera via whatever menu is associated with that task. This is the part that might need to be repeated a couple times in order to fire up properly. For me, it usually works right away now, but sometimes I've had to close OBS, turn the GoPro off, and do it over again. You also might just have to wait a couple minutes. For some reason, the GoPro webcam either fires up right away, or lags and you have to wait for it to actually produce a video feed.


5)    When the GoPro is properly functioning as a webcam, you'll notice the screen on the front will change from the usb charging icon, to a different looking screen that should say "webcam" on it.. that's when it's good to go. You should also notice, that when the GoPro is working, the little camera symbol app thing will now have a red dot on it, indicating that it is supplying a video feed. 


6)    If you want to change camera lens views, you have three options, wide (large angle), narrow (close up), linear (medium view). To change these views, simply right-click on that little camera thing, go to digital lens, and select the angle you want. No matter what angle you left it on the last time you used it, it's default setting is "wide" for some reason.. even if it's not actually showing a wide angle. So just click something else, then click back to the one you want in order to get it to change. Again, no idea why it's like that, it just is.


Extra Notes:


** If repeating step 4 still doesn't work, close everything again, go to your windows search bar, type "task manager", click on that, make sure you are in the "processes" tab, scroll down until you find "GoPro webcam" with that little app symbol/ camera looking thing, right click, then click "end task". In fact, end task on everything that says GoPro webcam, just to be sure it is indeed all closed. That should remove that little camera symbol thing from your taskbar or taskbar secondary menu.. wherever it was located for you. Then, yep, you guessed it, repeat those steps all over again. 


I've gotten to the point where I don't even close the webcam app anymore.. all I do is close OBS studio, turn the GoPro off, and just leave it at that. The little camera symbol thing stays in the taskbar secondary menu, and whenever I want to fire up a stream through OBS, I turn the GoPro on FIRST, then run OBS and for some reason it just works every time now. (you might also try running your program as admin; I always run my OBS studio as admin)


I will attach some screen snips for reference.


I hope this helps you guys, because I searched everywhere and found nothing.. not even from GoPro.. they don't even show a picture of what the app symbol looks like for reference. I'll probably make a YouTube video about this so someone else out there won't have to endure the headaches I did. Hopefully GoPro will have the bugs in this beta fixed asap, and deliver to us a far better webcam experience and webcam quality.. 


Speaking of which, the overall quality is really not that great.. especially when taking into consideration the fact that these things are supposed to capture 4K and even 8K now??


**IMPORTANT:  these cameras just can't seem to get enough light; they just want as much light as possible.. it's pretty crazy. I have two large panel lights (CRI 95+) and still needed to add some color correction through OBS. Again, just something else GoPro themselves need to take a huge note of.. most budget usb webcams can offer superior image quality with comparable or possibly less lighting, and don't need an essay's worth of an explanation to get off the ground.. they just plug right in, and work right away.


That being said, I do enjoy the fact that I can use this added functionality from my GoPro Hero 8 black, as I already own it, and didn't have the extra cash for a new webcam. So really, it's earning it's place here with me now and has thus far served me well. Hope it can do the same for you!




Some guy who should've probably been hired by GoPro by now..

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Re: GoPro Webcam app not launching windows 10

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So essentially... turn it off and on again repeatedly until it's fixed was your solutions... That didn't work for my GoPro Hero8 Black... I think there was an update that may have messed with this, because it previously worked for me.  Since doing the update my camera has not been able to function as a WebCam.  Honestly frustrated with the lack of support for Windows.  Anyone who owns a Mac has a functioning WebCam utility App, but the Windows version can barely be called an app even when it functions.  Don't get me wrong, I really like my Gopro, but I'm pretty disappointed that Ican't use it in this capacity.

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Re: GoPro Webcam app not launching windows 10

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So I tried doing what you suggested on step 4, and even on the notes parts where you go to the Task Manager.


What solved it for me immediately, was going to the details section and end the task on GoPro Webcam.exe Immediately the cammera was detected and entered webcam mode.

I did this after ending the task on the process part of the task manager.


Hope this works for you too.

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Re: GoPro Webcam app not launching windows 10

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Update to my previous post:


So I figured that once the GoPro is turned off or disconnected, some sort of process is being ran in the background that freezes the app. Going into the task manager, to the "Details" tab and ending the "GoPro Webcam.exe" task, will close the application and will let you launch it again and the camera will be detected. It might take a few seconds to get the camera detected, but it has worked every single time I have this issue. 


Hope this helps.

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Re: GoPro Webcam app not launching windows 10

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I have just bought the GoPro Hero 8, installed the newest firmware HD8., connected GoPro app, installed the GoPro Webcam utility for Windows, Zoom: 5.4.9 (59931.0110).

When I connect GoPro to my PC, it is recognized.

I open the utility, the blue dot appears, for recognized GoPro. And red dot appears when the preview, discord or zoom is using the webcam.
But it is really random when and why I I'm connected and get to press preview etc. It takes some time, when the preview bottom works, before the image from the cam is shown, and it crash from time to time.
Some times it shows the GoPro logo and never get any further.

At all this time, my GoPro shows "webcam" on the frontdisplay, so I guess no connection problems. I have tried with 3 different cables as well.
directly in the Desktop 3.0 and 3.1 USB-A port.

I get to use GoPro as my webcam in Zoom, but the image gets blurry and crashes (see picture) at the bottom of the image randomly but often, through a call, maybe about every 1-2 min. and crashes totally about every 5-10 min and shows the GoPro logo on the image.
I have to turn off the GoPro, shut down the utility and reconnect before the image of me comes back if it even does.
sometimes, I have to restart the GoPro etc. more than once.

It seems like the GoPro get locked in the webcam mode and it is not possible to chance mode on the GoPro, before I shut it down and turn it back on.


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Re: GoPro Webcam app not launching windows 10

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Hi @greencave74462


Thank you for the details provided.

Check out GoPro Webcam FAQ and Troubleshooting

We have also released an update for the Webcam App on Windows. See


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: GoPro Webcam app not launching windows 10

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Perfect, I have just installed the update .483, thanks.
I'll keep an eye for new updates later on.

I trusted the update button in the utility to work. ^^

good wee