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GoPro VR Player

Hello GoPro .....


The first time I downloaded the GoPro VR player ... i got this same error 


Removed the same program and downloded again 


STILL ... get this same error when trying to start GoPro VR player ...


Please see the attached work doc. to see the error I am getting when attempting to start GoPro VR Player. 


Any help would be most apprecaited ... because a just purchased a new HERO8 yesterday. 


Thank you,

Jim Knox 



GoPro VR Player ERROR.jpg
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Re: GoPro VR Player

Hello, @realbear. Where are you downloading the VR PLayer from? Do you have a link to the page?


The error message that you are getting seems to point us some missing components from your computer. See if you computer meets the system requirements for installing the GoPro VR Player. 


Also, the GoPro VR Player is an application for playing back 360 media. This would be beneficial for viewing 360 media from MAX, but not necessarily for media captured by the HERO8 Black. 


Let us know what you find out.