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[GoPro VR Player 3 Windows] Support for 3D 180 Videos on Desktop and 3D TV

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thank you for the great GoPro VR Player for Windows and the many configurations options it already offers.


Unfortunately its is still not sufficient for my use case. I have 3D 180 VR Videos and I want do project them on a 3D TV (3D SBS or Top-Bottom) and in a second use case as 2D Videos on a flat screen. I found that GoPro VR Player is able to project 3D 360 Videos (spherical) to SBS 3D (flat) (see screenshot 1), but this is not a correct projection when using 3D 180 (spherical) videos. The problem is best explain using screenshot 2. The the original 180° image (for each eye) is warped 360° around the user. Correct would be to project the 180 on a 180 half sphere and than on a flat display. 


Please add additional options for 3D 180 VR to 3D SBS flat and 2D flat projections. Idealy just let the user freely configure the vertical and horizontal field of view of the input and allow adjusting the vertical and horizontal parallax for the output.

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Betreff: [GoPro VR Player 3 Windows] Support for 3D 180 Videos on Desktop and 3D TV

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Hallo, ich habe keine Antwort zu dem Thema bekommen und möchte daher diesen Post nach vorne bringen. Vielleicht sollte es ins Englisch-sprachige Forum verschoben werden?