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GoPro Telemetry Data in Adobe Premiere

Is there any way to get the telemetry data from my gopro videos to use within Adobe Premiere? 


Basically i bought the new Hero7 to record my OneWheel rides and i was hoping to overlay the Speedometer on them. I tried to edit in Quik and it forces you to edit with highlights and you cannot have a video over 60 seconds.. wtf? I simply want my ENTIRE video (roughly 6 min shot in 4k 60p) to export with the speedometer. Quik crashes everytime i try to save an edit and tells me my computer isn't compatible, when it definitely is. I just know there has GOT to be a way to get around this. 

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Re: GoPro Telemetry Data in Adobe Premiere

I Feel your pain. I'm in the same predicament as you. There's gotta be a better way!.Dashware is currently working with GoPro to add even more features, but I'd wish there was a way to use metadata in Premiere/After Effects.

Btw, My Hero 7 Black froze by viewing clips.( had to remove the battery to reset) Not sure if this is isolated incident or it will have to be addressed in the next firmware.

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Re: GoPro Telemetry Data in Adobe Premiere


Hi @joshb85


Quik for desktop is made for quick edits, if you’re looking for a non-linear editor to make your own custom edits with, you can use iMovie on Mac or VSDC on Windows-

You can also use other editors like: Pinnacle Studio HD, Davinci Resolve,  Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier Elements, and Final Cut X. 



Hi @greentree11688


I am sorry if you are experiencing some freezing issue What SD card are you using? Were you able to update your camera?

For the telemetry issue, please check How to Overlay Telemetry from GoPro Cameras in Dashware




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Re: GoPro Telemetry Data in Adobe Premiere

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That's the question!

How can you use the telemetry data in Adobe premiere. A program you named here as a better editor than quick.


The link for dashware also specifically doesn't work for Hero 6 & 7, the model in question here

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Re: GoPro Telemetry Data in Adobe Premiere

You have to get the GPS overlay stickers onto the videos with one of these methods:

In Quik for desktop, select the video clip and select TRIM, not create. Once in the trim mode you can add GPS stickers and then save as a new video clip.

In the GoPro Mobile app (Not Quik), again, select the video and then trim. Add the GPS stickers and then save as a new video clip.

Or you can use Dashware or RaceRender. Both programs are designed for adding GPS data to videos.
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Re: GoPro Telemetry Data in Adobe Premiere

So, is there any way to preserve the data after editing in Premiere Pro? I found a website that syncs my GoPro video uploaded to Youtube with Google maps, but if I edit the video in Premiere Pro then upload it to youtube, it will not work anymore (no more map).