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GoPro Studio video/audio/title alignment

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Hi all,


Sorry to bother the group with a question on the older GoPro Studio. ;-)

However, still using it, as I find it very simple and easy to use for my kind of editing. So hope there are still some of you around who use it as well. :-)


When composing some larger video's and later on adding music and title clips, I have a hard time aligning it to the end of the video clips which are in the timeline. Because the video tend to be much longer (timewise) than for instance a small 'ending' title screen. It's difficult to align them to the end of the video, by mouse dragging as I now try to do.


Anyone have any good insights if this can be done in another way so everything ends at the same second ? Might be I overlooked some feature, so please let me know.


Thanks in advance.