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GoPro Studio popups up an error message "There is not enough space available to convert"...

I have the latest version of GoPro Studio. After downloading the raw video files from my GoPro Hero 4 camera (9GB total size) I cut the files in the first step "View & Trim". However, when I try to convert the cut files in order to build a full video I go the following error message: "There is not enough space available to convert all the files selected. Please either clear some space on the drive or choose another destination". I changed the "Save To" folder and I have more than 140GB free space but I am unable to convert the files. How to fix it?


If I use only a few cut videos, it is possible to convert the files. However, I need to use all of my files to build the desired video. What should I do in order to avoid this error message which is not actually correct because there IS enough space?

Thank you in advance.