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GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

I have GoPro Studio installed on WIndows 10. I can edit video however, the application crashes a lot. Any ideas on why this is happening?

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Re: GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

I got a solution for myself: on the shortcut to GoPro Studio, change compatibilty mode to Windows 7 and it will work fine...

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Re: GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

Hello after looking around a little it looks like theres some bugs for GoPro studio and windows 10 right now. Until gopro releases an update i would make sure that you have the lastest version of studio installed which can be found here:



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Re: GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

Hi @Anonymous,


As @Anonymous mentioned, you definitely want to make sure that you using the latest version of GoPro Studio. If you are still noticing GoPro Studio crashing on you, you also want to make sure that you have performed any updates ony our PC if they are available. Restarting your computer and then launching GoPro Studio is a good idea too.


If you are continuing to notice GoPro Studio crash on you, reply back and let us know when you are noticing it crash the most. Are you importing your files and then it is crashing? Or are you converting or exporting? Any further details will help. 


Let us know how it goes.



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Re: GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

More specifics on when GoPro Studio crashes:


My PC has the latest Windows 10 updates and GoPro Studio (v I noticed that this is a 32 bit version of the application.


There are a lot of video clips in my project. Not sure if this has an impact.


In Step 1: View & Trim; Studio seems to crash when scrolling through the video clips on the left side of the app or when scrolling through a selected video. At one point I was able to trim and convert all of my video and proceed to Step 2.


In Step 2: Edit; I choose the Blank Template and was putting converted video together in the tray at the bottom of the app. Again, either scrolling through the list of video on the left side of the app or scrolling through a selected video clip would cause the app to crash.


At several points the project and the auto-save project files became corrupted and I would start over with a new Project. However, once I had all the video converted I would start with Step 2 and just add my converted video.


There might also be a separate issue. I had started to save my project more often. Most of the time the project would save without a problem. A few times though, saving the project file would cause Studio app to freeze. I would then force the application to quit as it would not respond to any keyboard or mouse commands. This action would always cause the project file to be corrupted.


In the end, I have an older Mac and installed GoPro Studio. I have had better success and was able to create a movie. This Mac, running the latest OS, is slow and Studio has also crashed a few times.

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Re: GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

Hi @michaelr0653


Sorry to hear that you're having some issues with Window 10 and GoPro Studio. Let's break down the possible issues and causes of your crash.


Based on your Step 1 behavior, it sounds like when scrubbing through the video clips, it's difficult to view. There could be several possible causes for this:


  • Playing backing a compressed video along Step 1 puts a lot of demand on the processor. Quicktime components are used during this step, and so if Quicktime is not properly installed with the latest version (advise to get 7.7.6, since i found that other versions are not compatible with Windows 10.)
  • Graphics card drivers are also important since you are dynamically changing a HD video at various speeds. Please ensure that you have updated your graphics card driver (Intel, Nvidia, or AMD) from their respected sites rather than through Windows device manager. If you recently updated or installed to Windows 10, a lot of these manufactures provide a updated version just for Windows 10. 
  • Lastly, if you are recording any 1080-4k footage in combination with high frame rates that are higher than 30fps, these files generate a lot of bit rate data when playing back as a compressed video file, which causes the lag or potential crash. I can personally say it will play choppy on my high end Macbook Pro. But since it is Step 1, your only job there is to trim your video a selected points, and rely on playing back the uncompressed video along Step 2 during your editing process.


With any recent changes from one version to the next, it's also important to update your Intel components (graphics card drivers) also, since GoPro Studio heavily depends on the system to have the latest Intel components. 


Regarding Step 2, this is where you graphics card driver really plays into a role where it put's a lot of demand. Like I said before, GoPro Studio harnesses the power of the graphics card to play these HD videos on your dynamically changing storyboard. Please ensure those graphics card drivers are updated based on the manufacture. This will also help with your export since it helps compress your project into one single file. 


Based on the saving issue, we often see this issue where you might potentially still have media saved along the Step 1 import and conversion list. For proper workflow, when you are entirely finished with your Step 1 process, please press the Clear All button on either lower corners since you are no longer needing those files anymore. The converted videos will be all set to go for Step 2. 


The reason why you would need to clear the media is because GoPro Studio is saving all aspects of the project from Step 1 or Step 2. If any media is moved or deleted off the computer and they were present in the Step 1 import or conversion bin, it would then be confused and cause the project not open or corrupted.


When completing/clearing all the media along step 1, it will help GoPro Studio open the project immediately to Step 2 without having to worrying about the media to be relinked on Step 1 video clips. 


Lastly, GoPro Studio is still a 32bit application. The reason being that it needs to cater to all users with various setups on their machines. The Mac platform is built entirely different from the Windows side. Since Macs have a limited selection on their setup, we often don't see as much crashes since they are built upon similar systems and setups. Whereas the Windows machine can be setup in various and complex ways, so it's very important to ensure that all software/hardware setups are all updated to their full potential.


I hope this clear things up. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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Re: GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

I have latest version GoPro Studio and Windows 10. Keeps crashing. Trying to open autosave file (have converted but not finished editing etc) get message "GoPro Studio.exe has stopped working"

Windows has no solution.

I have a back log of videos to edit, wasting valuable time with all the crashing, seems I should have stayed with Windows 7

Prefer to keep Windows 10, do you have any fixes or are you workinng on debugging Studio?

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Re: GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

[ Edited ]

I have latest version GoPro Studio and Windows 10. Go Pro studio Keeps crashing. Everytime i try to insert a video in step one it crashes. get message "GoPro Studio.exe has stopped working".


Troubleshooter for windows 10 actually says the program is not compatible??? can you please fix this and add an update. I actually use go pro studio for part of my work and its making it hard to do anything.

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Re: GoPro Studio crashes on Windows 10

Hi @Anonymous,


Let's have you try and update to the latest version of GoPro Studio 2.5.8, which comes included with GoPro App for Desktop 1.0. From there, verify if you are able to re-launch GoPro Studio.

GoPro Studio 2.5.8


Keep us posted on your results.