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GoPro Studio Conversion Color Problem



I recently purchased a GoPro Hero5 and find that whenever conversion on GoPro Studio is completed for any videos that I do, on the step 2 process, it automatically does a preset that is overly saturated with red / orange color. I know that this is not a setting I need to toggle on the software itself since when I import videos from two of my friends who are using GoPro Hero3+, after conversion, the colors stay the same and looks normal. It is when I convert my videos to regardless of the computers used, mine or my friends, a preset is chosen. 


The temporary solution I have is to always set them one by one to none on the preset section. I need advice on how to permanently set the preset to none.


Thank you!

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Re: GoPro Studio Conversion Color Problem

Hi, any solution on this?  I'm having same issue but seems to only happen when frame rate is high or when video is 2K and higher.  I"m using standard quicktime to convert clips before putting them into imovie