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GoPro Should be Embarrassed! GoPro’s Top 10 List

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What in the world is going on with GoPro?!?

Before you release a new camera, you should have software for the cameras that works. No excuses!

I had the GoPro Fusion before this. Was the software perfect? No. But at least there was software for it which didn’t crash once you opened it. So I decided to sell my Fusion to get the money to purchase the Max. Step up right? Nope! I should have stayed with the Fusion.

GoPro - you are a multimillion dollar company. You had plenty of time to get this right before you released the software for Max. Instead of creating viable software, what the heck were you doing with your time and MY money?

Maybe we should create a list of the top 10 things that GoPro was doing instead of creating software that was going to work. I’ll start...

10. Looking at producing the Hero 9.
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Re: GoPro Should be Embarrassed! GoPro’s Top 10 List

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