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GoPro Quik is not fit for purpose

I have a 4.3GHz i7, 32GB of RAM and two GTX 1080s in SLI.  This machine can handle everything I throw at it in every media creation and consumption tool.   4K streams in Premiere, effects in After Effects. Playback and conversion of every H/x264 and x265 file.


Yet I have these issues with "Quik":


* Flickbook-like playback of 4K 60fps files.

(Not "choppy". Not "a bit slow". Unwatchably low framerates that hang the UI so I can't even edit or navigate the interface.)

* Inability to even export/render the video to a file.

I get a notification that my machine might not be powerful enough to render 4K 60fps - it won't even try. So I can't even extract the video with the overlays burned in.


This is unacceptable.  The GoPro hardware is excellent.  The quality of the video (played in ANYTHING OTHER THAN QUIK) is exceptional.  I just can't use the tooling you provide to edit/create videos.


What other option do I have to render video with the gauges overlayed?   Is there another tool that can read the metdata?  Looking at these forums it seems GoPro are reluctant to admit they have a problem or to do anything about it. :(


Very disappointing.



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Re: GoPro Quik is not fit for purpose

Hi @royalhero18406


Sorry for any troubles caused.

You may try using RaceRender for telemetry overlay.

See information on HEVC Explained

You may also try other editing application listed on Programs to View and Edit Videos





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Re: GoPro Quik is not fit for purpose

I agree 100% with you they should fix it already!