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GoPro Quik for desktop init file

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GoPro Quik for desktop misbehaved for years due to a corrupted startup file (AppData/Local/GoPro/goproapp.json) which I finally fixed by text editor (Emacs). Symptoms were: always got "Skip tutorial?" panel on startup, no saving of upload preferences, and no auto upload to the cloud. Cure was: add a missing close-brace ("}") to the end of the file to replace several spurious NULs (0x00).


This is under Win10 Home.


Unfortunately, after fixing the file, Quik tried to upload hundreds of large videos taken over several years while I used workaraounds.  I then disabled auto upload to the cloud.  Anyone know how to mark local files as "already uploaded to GoPro+" so that I can resume auto uploads for just the new videos?