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GoPro Quik does not recognize my video files

Using Windows 10 (latest updates), GoPro Black 7, and GoPro Quik

I've installed the software and updated the Media Folder to the specific folder I've stored my GoPro Black 7 video files. I've renamed the files but otherwise the files are original and copied over to my computer from the GoPro itself. I clicked "Scan" and it still shows 0 files in the Quik program even though I have many video files in that folder.


Steps to replicate:

-connect GoPro Black 7 to computer with USB cable

-copy over video files to computer folder

-rename video files manually within Windows File Explorer

-launch GoPro Quik and scan media folders (shows 0 files)

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Re: GoPro Quik does not recognize my video files

I spoke to chat support and was informed that renaming the files will prevent Quik from recognizing them. The files must remain the default, which I feel is a limitation. I like to rename and organize my files the way I want to, not the way Quik wants to.

I'll do more troubleshooting but if this is by design then I'm really disappointed with that restriction.

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Re: GoPro Quik does not recognize my video files

Hi @jr34544


See if this works:

After renaming the file, close the application.

Relaunch Quik for desktop then go to Settings > General > Scan (the folder were the renamed files are).

Let us know how it goes.






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Re: GoPro Quik does not recognize my video files

Hi Ej, thanks for trying but that doesn't work unfortunately. It seems GoPro Quik was designed to only recognize file names that the camera creates. If I edit the file name then the program won't recognize the file even if the file extension is the same.


Further troubleshooting and I also discovered that Quik will analyze your computer and determine on it's own if it let you edit HEVC video files. I reconnected my camera and completed an import of video files using the default file names but only 4 of the videos show up because the rest are HEVC encoded. What this means is Quik is making the choice for me not to let me view these videos or edit them because it thinks I can't view the files on my computer. Which is wrong -- I can view the HEVC videos no problem using a number of programs.


I jumped ship from Yi to GoPro and while I like the hardware for sure, I'm really disappointed with the Quik software limitations.

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Re: GoPro Quik does not recognize my video files

Found a solution for anyone else with the HEVC problem - you can download the HEVC extension from the Microsoft Store. Now all my HEVC videos show up and it appears I can edit them.

I discovered this solution when I was installing Filmora9. It prompted me that I didn't have the HEVC extension and directed me to the Microsoft store to download it. I recommend Quik offer the same quick pointer for new users because otherwise GoPro may be inadvertently pushing customers to use third party tools.
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Re: GoPro Quik does not recognize my video files

Thank you for your information. I installed Quik (Windows 10), created a folder to put GoPro media in, configured Quik to use this folder, then did a direct copy using Windows File Explorer from the SD card to the newly created folder. I then tried to scan the folder with Quik - 0 Files found. After reading your post, I purchased / installed the Microsoft HEVC extension (yes they charge for it) and now Quik will pick up the Gopro media in the scan. 


I agree with you the App should give an error message of some sort referencing the lack of HEVC extension. I wasted several hours on this before finding your solution. I even contacted Gopro support (not very helpful). They wanted a bunch of system information by using "dxdiag" and "msinfo32". 


Thanks again