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GoPro Quik desktop app not reading Max 360 files

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I have loaded GoPro Quik onto my Dell high spec laptop but the desktop app will not read any media files on my Max 360.

I have tested the app on my Hero 4 and it sees these files ok.

I have also tested the max files using a sd card reader both in the laptop slot card reader and through a USB3 connected reader, still no files recognised on the Quik app.

I have deleted the app several times and reloaded with the latest version and the software version on the max is up to date.

I have studied the web for any answers, some of which I have tried but nothing seems to work.

Please tell me how to fix this.

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Re: GoPro Quik desktop app not reading Max 360 files

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Quik is not working with Max....lots of reports on the forums about this...GoPro have a new format for the 360 video file and Quik does not read need to take the SD card out, insert it into your machine and hopefully you have access gto a Mac and can use GoPro Player to either re-frame to 1080p conventional 2D vidoes or export directly to 360 videos that converts the new format to ProRes equirectangular files...can't help with Windows, sorry....if you shoot in 1080P Hero mode/Timelapse then it will see the files and export but then you got a hero 4 for that!