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GoPro Quick says there a no files to import

During my holiday I took a lot of pictures and movies but now I'm not able to import them to my computer and Quick. Quick says there a no files to import but there is about 11 GB pictures and movies on it. When I put the SD card directly in my computer, it finds a the files but afterwards I'm not able to import the files to quick or GoPro studios. 


Before my holiday I tried a bit with shooting and importing those files worked fine. Unfortunately, at the moment it won't work. Can anybody help me with resolving the problem? 

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Re: GoPro Quick says there a no files to import

I had this same problem. After two calls to GoPro support, I learned the reason thanks to the second support agent, who actually knew something (agent 1 didn't know a thing):


If your SD card wasn't exactly the right format and you did not use the camera to reformat the card before use, you will not get some of the ancillary files that accompany the main image/video files. This causes the files to go unrecognized in some cases. Apparently this includes connecting directly from camera USB-C to Mac USB-C, which is my situation. I'm guessing it covers yours too, as your symtoms are identical to mine. They say the only solution to recover existing media is to use a card reader, which is phenominally pathetic and so 10 years ago. And then reformat your SD card once you have the current media so you can directly connect next time.


GoPro, your product is awesome in many ways, but you need to pay more attention to ease of use. These days stuff like this should just work. The right thing to do it not to allow the users to continue forward until they properly format the drive. The right thing to do is also to track how many people have a problem in your user support sites, so you would realize lots of people have this - ie Apple and others use 'I have this problem too'. The right thing to do is to answer these questions here so I don't have to call you. I looked around for 30 min before calling you. Then 10 min wasted with someone who knows nothing; 20 min with someone who knew the answer; 20 min writing this up to actually help your users.


People do now know about SD card formats and should not have to! You should always be able to just connect a camera to a computer and get the files, period. Great smoothing algorithms are awesome, but you need to do the extra boring work to just make stuff work. 


I'd like the two hours of my life I just wasted on this issue back, please.

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Re: GoPro Quick says there a no files to import

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Hi everyone,


Sorry to hear about the issues importing your GoPro contents into Quik for Desktop. This sounds like a communication problem between the camera and computer. Are you using a GoPro USB cable or a third party cable?


You can also go through these steps to see if that helps resolve the problem:


Hopefully this helps!