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GoPro Quick Windows 10 running extremely slow



  I've recently upgraded my pc and find that the Quick software is still extremly slow and cumbersome.  Is this just the nature of the software and/or poor design?  I understand that creating videos will use more memory but even just playing a video is extremely slow.  If I play the videos through windows media player they are instant. Its just during editing/playing while within Gopro Quick.  My videos I record are at 2.4k and genrally 10 minutes or so at a time so are never that large to which my memory never shows being filled until editing/creating a video. 


  Just for clarification my specs are -

Windows 10.

Latest version of Gopro Quick,

Latest firmware on my Hero7 Black (1.9)

PC Hardware -

Ryzen 3700x

16gb Ram 

M.2 256 ssd with GoPro Quick installed.

1tb SSD for saved videos.


  Any help would be much appreciated in speeding things up.



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Re: GoPro Quick Windows 10 running extremely slow

Hi @leemundo


Please refer to Minimum System Requirements for Quik for Desktop

You may also reach out to our Support Team through for further assistance.


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Re: GoPro Quick Windows 10 running extremely slow

Just tried customer support it's down 🙄.
My computer is way above the recommended specs needed. Hence I shared my specs for for confirmation in the previous post.