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GoPro Plus Media Cloud Not Uploading Original File

How do I upload my original GoPro file to my GoPro Plus cloud, and also download the original? I uploaded a 1440p 293MB video to my GoPro Plus media, however when I click on info or download it, the info says it is only 74.72MB. When I download it, it is only 74.72MB


When I upload the same exact video to the Quik app, and save it as the highest setting which should be 1080P 60fps, the video is 241MB

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Re: GoPro Plus Media Cloud Not Uploading Original File

I think I might have figured out why the quailty is so bad on the GoPro Plus media cloud. When I made a share link for another video and then selected info, I saw that the file size decreased.

Why does the file size decrease when I create a share link?
This doesn't seem to happen with videos using the Quik app.

How do I get the original file back?