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GoPro Player for windows - Trim feature

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I am having a hard time to understand how to properly work with this desktop app. I made a 360 video which was in total 20 minutes. Lets I am not interested in the 1st few minutes of the footage. In every video editing program I have worked, I could select that part I don't and simply click delete, or cut or whatever is needed. For the gopro player, if I understood correctly, the selected part is not to be removed, but to become anew file. So basically, if I want to remove a specifi time interval I need to selecxt everything else, create a new file and then start editing as I want??? 


At some point I trimmed what I thought would be the interval to be deleted, but no. It created a video out of that part (and if for 1.5 min of footage it took some 10-15 min, I wonder iof I have to actually select about 18 minutes just to remove the initial 1m30 sec???). Am I missing something?? 


It's amazing how poor the tutorial is (actually could not find one). Overall I am extremely disappointed with the gopro. Not only cameras have a ridiculously low life but also it seems every app is poorly designed, not intuitive, slow (the gopro player for example, sometimes open the files sometimes it doesn't) and buggy. 


I don't know if I had high expectations, but I am sure i won't recommend these cameras to anyone

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Re: GoPro Player for windows - Trim feature

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Hello, @inspiredbubbles. You were correct in the observation that the trimmed part (the portion of the file selected when using the Trim function) is what is saved and the non-selected range is discarded. Once you specified the portion to be included, clicking on the checkmark gives you two options: (1) create a new trimmed document or (2) export. Only one range/portion could be specified at a time - only one trim per file at a time.