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Re: GoPro Player for Windows expected release date?

@aenriquezregarding your copy paste text:


Honestly did this come as a surprise for the GoPro software department AFTER releasing the GoPro MAX? Hopefully GoPro started developing the GoPro Player for windows before releasing the MAX? Or what? My point is, releasing a camera without the needed editing software for windows is selling an unfinished product. And on top of that, you dont do refunds?!? What a scam...


I dont need GoPros endless excuses. Instead explain to me how GoPro can release a 360 camera without editing possible for windows users? I dont care that "Windows is a fragmented operating system that covers a myriad of home setups." This is nothing but a stupid excuse, its not an explanation!


Doesnt GoPro care about customers at all? Its all about profit I guess...




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Re: GoPro Player for Windows expected release date?

my god @aenriquez, you are actually spewing the same wonky cut and paste answer to the second post in this thread back in november?!?


this is not even sad anymore, it's actually comedic...

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Re: GoPro Player for Windows expected release date?

Lol. It’s hilarious that GoPro thinks they are fooling people by using “personal” accounts to build up a base and confidence in their terrible product.

Things like this have made me the guy that goes out of my way to tell people to not purchase a GoPro. I wish I had come on here before I bought mine, but I did what most people did and used blind trust. So now that I understand what’s actually going on, I’m the anti-brand ambassador for GoPro.