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GoPro Player and Big Sur

Hi, ever since updating my new Macbook Pro 16" to Big Sur, I have had issues with GoPro software:

1. Premier Pro and the GoPro Reframe plugin does not work

2. GoPro Player performs terribly with choppy playback and flashes of green screen interspersed with 5 "quarters" of windows...hard to expalin but it appears as if the stiching has not worked at all 

3. Icons for the raw .360 files are blank and previews not available in file preview


I get the feeling that GoPro have not kept pace with Mac OS updates....any "GoPro" spokes people on here with inside knowledge know anything?

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Re: GoPro Player and Big Sur

I am having this exact same problem. 

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Re: GoPro Player and Big Sur

Hello @capediver @agentsmithv2


Check out the steps on How to Improve Choppy Playback in the GoPro Player

You may also reach out to our Support Team through  for further assistance.






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Re: GoPro Player and Big Sur

Thanks but this is not the real issue...

The FX Reframe plugin......

That's the issue...

Can you give me some information on this as I have not had anyone from GoPro addressing it...I have a machine still running Mojave and the exact same Premier Pro version and FX plugin and there are no problems

So does GoPro need to update its plugin for Big Sur?

Has anyone from GoPro tested the PP FX plugin on Big Sur?